Bad Timing


Argh!!! I finally made the promised projects (plus a bonus!) and I don’t have the camera! Talk about bad timing…anyways, I’ll tell you what the projects are. First, a box my sister and I repainted a box to put all the stationary that we made for our brothers girlfriend, and it didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked. 🙁 But, on the other hand, a tin I redecorated looked WAY better than I thought it would, and I stole my sisters “Chloe’s Closet” papers – no, just kidding, she said I could use “some”. 🙂 I used CPS (which I was beginning to give up on being able to use it) sketch on it, which was the key component. While I was looking at the sketch, I notice some other ones I had printed on the same piece of paper and decided I would use….oh darn, can’t remember who it was and I’ve gone looking to see who posted it….oh well, anyways, I used her idea for the torn flower, and make a card using “Card Patterns” (blinky can be found on the side) sketch. It looks simple fabulous, and I can’t wait to show you!

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