Creative Team Behind-the-Scenes


Happy Friday, everyone! Hero Arts released the 2018 Summer Catalog last week, and I thought this might be a fun time to share a small behind-the-scenes look at that, from a creative team members perspective.

A bit of a disclaimer: I share this with a little bit of doubt – I don’t want this to be a post that makes those who aren’t on creative teams feel bad. I worry a bit about that, because I have (and sometimes do!) feel that same way. Creative envy could be a whole discussion in and of itself, but I don’t feel qualified to say much there, because I’m still not entirely sure what I feel about it.

If this is too sensitive a topic and you’d rather I stick with cards and products in future posts, please feel free to “dislike” the video below. Honest, I won’t feel offended! That little down button has a lot of negative connotation, but in this case, I’m using it to gauge specifically for this topic. I usually post whatever I feel like (mostly cards, but this is my blog, darn it!), but with this specific topic, I’ve been/am on both ends and I know it can be discouraging at times.

Now, with that said, I still think it’s kind of interesting – I’m still fascinated by the process myself, and I’ve been doing it for several years!

Since the only creative team I’m currently on is Hero Arts, that’s the process I’ll be sharing. I’ve been on a few other teams over my lengthy eight year card “career” *coughs importantly to self*, and they each have different processes.

Creative Team Behind-the-Scenes


We get “warned” that a catalog is coming soon, and will require a quick turnover. The turnover – from when we actually get the stamps and then need to mail out the projects using them – varies from catalog to catalog, depending on how quickly Hero Arts can get the stamps to us. Usually Christmas turnover is super quick.

Also, the quarterly catalog release usually coincides with a My Monthly Hero release, so double the fun! I mean, work! We all definitely play work very hard! 😉

Some of the new product images are posted for us to see before receiving, so we can get ideas started!

Happy Mail

The stamps arrive! I actually filmed this part, so go ahead and take a peek!

Creative Madness

With the stamps in and labelled, it’s time to make some projects! Sometimes we’re assigned a few specific sets to use, but we’re also free to play with other stamps.

I always craft messy, but with this many stamps on hand? My craft desk can barely handle it (and I usually spill over to my work desk)!


After the projects are made, we don’t ship them off right away. Pictures are taken so that Hero Arts can use them for the company blog or for other purposes, and for our own personal blogs/social media.

Turns out, I’m also a messy photographer. 😉


Finally, we ship them off to Hero Arts, and then we have to sit tight and wait a couple weeks before the reveal! This is sometimes the hardest part for me!

Your Thoughts

Have you checked out the new catalog yet? If you have, what’s your favorite new product?

I’ll be back on Monday sharing a card using one of the new stamp sets I designed!




4 thoughts on “Creative Team Behind-the-Scenes

  1. Gosh, Clare. What a fascinating insight into your stamping world!

    I am ever so slightly jealous of how many beautiful products you unpacked from that one box!

    Is it possible for a stamper to be anything other than messy at work? I think not. You might start off with one ink, but end up with ten on the table and multiply that up with different papers, powders, trimmers and you have a lot of stuff!!!

    • I’m glad you found it interesting, Anne! And yes!! It starts small, but quickly grows to overtake every bit of available (and not!) space you have! 😉

  2. I liked this little peek behind the scenes, Clare.
    I bet most people just think about how cool it is that you get “free stuff” but don’t think about how you have to be creative on demand with really tight deadlines to meet.
    Thanks for sharing it.

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