Desk Talk: Embossing Powder Storage


Hey there! Today is round three of Desk Talk, a more comfy, conversational series of posts, and today is all about embossing storage.

I think I was late to this bandwagon – I mean, I’ve been all about figuring out the best ink and stamp storage system since I started stamping. But embossing? Eh. Using the little containers they came in worked fine for me.

However, I know a lot of people do actually like to have a system for these lil’ guys, and many seemed to be big fans of the Sistema containers, so I decided to give it a looksy.

Sistema Containers

I looked around online, and most places were selling three of these tiny containers for $20 at the time. They’re currently $8.99 for a pack of three at Amazon, which is way better, but still, $3 per container, which is almost as much as the embossing powder itself.

I’ve got over seventeen powders from Hero Arts alone, and spending over $50 to organize them is just not going to happen, no matter how convenient and darn cute those little containers are.

I looked around a little bit more (and by looking around more, I mean going to page two of Google search), and the Container Store, who sells the little guys for $2.49, which is cheaper than any other alternatives I found in the first page of Google. The Container Store also has a bunch of other popular crafting storage, as well as just other neat storage options, so if you don’t live near one (I don’t), you could maybe pop in some of those items to make the shipping worthwhile.

I actually ended up finding two packs of three each at T. J. Maxx for $4 each, which isn’t bad at all, so I gave them a shot. I’m not gonna lie – I liked ’em alright. But like I said, I have over seventeen EPs, and I wanted a consistent place to purchase from with good prices, which T. J. Maxx is not (I discovered after visiting two more stores in the space of two weeks).

Crayon Super Stacker Box

The first alternative I found was the crayon Super Stacker box. I found them for a buck each at Walmart, and they come in clear, purple and blue (at least at the four Walmarts I checked – I was a little obsessed ;)).

However, these little guys are also kind of expensive if you go looking around online – I have no idea why Amazon charges over $4 for one little bitty container. Wal-mart appears to only sell them in-store, so the cheapest I found them online was at Office Depot, for $1.49 each.

Anyways, I was congratulating myself heartily on finding great little containers for a fraction of the cost when I quickly discovered a problem. I stored them sideways to fit them into my drawers and to be able to see their labels, and I eventually remembered that hey! Embossing powder is super fine and loves to get everywhere it possibly can! These guys just couldn’t seal the deal on the powder, literally.

If you don’t travel with embossing powder (I never have) and you can stack these from bottom to top, this might be a good solution. However, I really wanted my containers to be able to lie sideways, so I could read the label easily.



This was a pretty random find, and it might not be the consistent supplier for you that it is for me. But, I found these at Kroger, a three pack for $3.99, also a BOGO, so I ended up spending $3 for six containers (and mine were blue). Better price than Walmart crayon containers, but they have the sealing action of the Sistema.


The one thing necessary with all these systems is a scooping mechanism (that sounds fancy). It’s not easy/comfortable to add EP from the containers, so I used little plastic spoons.

I combined them with THESE little spoons in white, which I attached to the inside of the lid using some Velcro I had on hand. You could try using the clear Command clips, but the Velcro works for me and I already had it.

Final thoughts

In case you couldn’t tell, I got a little obsessed with finding the perfect solution/price. 😉

But honestly, I kind of wish I hadn’t dived into this little world to begin with. I was perfectly content with using a piece of scratch paper to catch extra EP and funnel it back into the cup.

Now my embossing powder storage looks nicer, but I’ve got four issues with it:

  1. It takes up more space. I use bigger containers for powders I use often (white, gold sparkle, sparkle, black sparkle – notice a trend here?), and the little ones for less oft used colors. The bigger containers take the space of about nine cups that the powder comes in, and the little guys take up about four cups space.

  2. The little containers are so little and don’t have much more “mouth” to them than the original EP cup, so getting EP back in (without spilling!) on anything but small pieces is a pain. They’re also definitely not as easy to pour EP out off.
  3. Even with the sealed containers, EP still finds its ways to those nooks and crannies. It doesn’t spill out, but every time I open the container, some of the little bits that got into that seal end up on my desk, which drives me crazy.
  4. Depending on which system you use and how much EP you have, this system can be expensive-ish. I mean, I have at least fifty extra mini spoons I’m not ever going to use (at least for EP) and that doesn’t even count the cost of containers.

I guess it could come down to how much space you have – storing them top to bottom will result in less EP sneaking its way everywhere – and how much you love having the perfect looking organization.

Me? I’m all about what works best in my work/crafting flow, and honestly, this system is more hindrance than anything.

Your thoughts

Do you have a particular system for organizing your embossing powders? Please share if you do, and let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “Desk Talk: Embossing Powder Storage

  1. For years and years I had a hodgepodge of containers. Now for my most used EP, I use Ziploc snack sizes rectangle containers. A pack of 5 was about $2 at Target. I like that they stack and that I can spoon and dump EP right over the container. Saves a step or so.

  2. I use the Sistema system as well. Once I totally invested infelt like you, it takes up more space and the little powers fmfet everywhere when you open them, but I tell you clean up is easier. I store them top side up and the labels are on the side. When I am doing a project and decide to emboss at the last minute grabbing my EP and using from the container is now less of a production. It’s neat we and faster to use. I LOVE it! But I had to use the system to get there. Good luck in finding what’s right for you.

    • I just reread the typos. I am on my iPhone with no glasses. Two corrwctions. Second line is I invested, fourth line donget everywhere, and line 14 it’s neater.

      Thanks for putting both up or correcting, whatever is allowed.

      Getting old ain’t for sissies! LOL


  3. I’m not brave enough to store EP on its side, though it would be nice to save room. I have my basics in larger squares from Glad Co. because I can do a ‘smack’ on the top and close it up quickly. I put these stacked up in a convenient for me corner of my big U-Shaped desk. The rest I have in their original little jars which are a PIA (-:

    I love reading all your helpful tips and thank you for sharing all you do.

  4. I do like the looks of those larger containers for frequently used powders. I keep my powders in original containers (so I don’t forget what it is) and just store them in a 3 drawer IRIS box. The drawers are just the right height for those jars. I bought these so long ago but they still do the job of all my little bits and pieces plus the powders.

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