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Hey everyone! Today I’m stopping in with a rather spontaneous post. I thought it’d be fun to have a more comfy, conversational sort of post every now and then, so with that idea in mind, Desk Talk was born! I’m notorious for starting series’ here on the blog and not actually following through, but since I’m two-for-two with my 15 Minute Friday, I think I’ll be able to manage this, at least as a once a month deal.

desk talk washi

I know I’m pretty late to the bandwagon, but guys, I’m starting to seriously love washi tape. Maybe it’s because I’ve been better about actually sending out a few of the hundreds of cards I make, but they are so. flipping. fun.

I’ve really only used them for decorating envelopes, but I’m excited to try them on cards and maybe, just maybe, my planner.

Also, I’m a washi pack kind of person – there are some really beautiful single rolls out there, but I prefer to have lots of designs with less yardage on each roll, versus a few designs that will last forever. That being said, there are a few single rolls I will probably eventually “invest” in (ha!), but today’s post is all about the packs.

So today I’m sharing some washi packs I’ve been keeping tucked in my cart, waiting until I can complete day #75 of my 100-day sketching challenge and treat myself!

Click on the images below to go to product page (disclosure: some affiliate links used)


My favorite. I really have a thing for landscape washi tape. This pack is first in my cart!

UPDATE: when I ordered the pack below, I received eight rolls of one design (the bottom one in the picture). I ended up returning it – I’m not sure if this is a retailer problem or what, but I’m more careful about reading the item descriptions now. 😉

This 24 pack has also some pretty landscapes:


This set is a seasonal themed set – I love the windmills and the mountain rolls!

This is a big pack of rolls, 48! Some, like the donut one, I honestly would probably just use as masking tape versus a more decorative use, but there are some super cute animal ones and also some nice floral patterns.


This is a soft, more contemporary set that just makes me feel a little calmer looking at it. 😉

When looking for some pretty floral photography props at Joann’s last weekend, I picked up two packs of washi tape from a new-to-me company, Ms. Sparkle & Co. I think it’s a Joann exclusive, considering I can’t find these rolls anywhere else, but they have some really adorable themed sets (see below) and some great pattern sets. I really love this colorful woodgrain set, as well as its neutral woodgrains counterpart.

Ms. Sparkle & Co. 8 pk Washi Tapes 0.6 mmx10 yds-Woodgrain Colors

A Little Bit of Everything

More love for Ms. Sparkle & Co., because dang, they sure are cute. I picked up a cute gnome set (that I couldn’t find online – sorry! look at my Instagram to see it) and this flipping adorable animal set.

ms sparkle and co animal washi tape

They had more design packs, and honestly, I love pretty much all of them! Since this post is already pretty image heavy, here are links to more: unicorn, hippos (and llamas!), tropical and nautical.

Keep in mind that I’m not super picky when it comes to washi – as long as it peels off the roll easily enough (I hate ones that tear all over the place), I’m pretty happy. I also haven’t tested most of these products, so I can’t vouch for the quality. I just know that I’ll be trying most of these out myself, but if there’s enough interest, I can do a review of the ones I do end up buying.


I’m not gonna lie – my current storage “system” is a total mess. Like, this mess…


Pinterest FAIL

So I’ve been looking a different options on Amazon for better storage, and there are a LOT of options.

You can buy dispensers that will cut the tape for you, but those don’t hold as much, and I really love tearing the tape myself. The most popular option then seems to be using makeup storage containers, and there are loads out there.

Because it would take forever to go through the most popular ones, I’m just going to share the two units I’m waffling between right now…

and this guy 

Your thoughts!

I’ve barely scratched the surface of washi world! Do you have any favorites from this list, or even some that you don’t see here? Leave a comment and enable me! I mean, share with others! 😉


6 thoughts on “Desk Talk: Washi Tape

  1. Wow I am so glad you put up this spontaneous post, I didn’t know there are landscape washi tapes!! Thanks for sharing Clare.

  2. I love washi tapes! I store them in Close To My Heart Small storage box. Right now, I like the ones from ADORNit/Documented Faith. I love the scenery, floral, and natural/wood tapes that your posted here.

  3. I store mine on pants hangers with the four or five rods that flip open. I hang them on the studio wall with the large 3M hooks that aren’t supposed to leave a mark. Any system that lets you remove single rolls easily is convenient, but I can’t spare the drawer or tabletop space, and it’s fairly easy to find what I want (they’re organized by type and color palette) and pull out a piece.

    • Oooo, I think I’ve seen that on Pinterest too! It’s definitely all about using what works for you! I’m definitely going to try implementing that type and color palette in my own!

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