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Hey! It’s been awhile! I still have to post the destash charity donation (coming soon!), but I wanted to pop in really quick and ‘splain the absence.

As I mentioned in my destash blog post, I’m moving to Utah! Well, moved, I should say – today is my sixth full day flying solo, in a completely different state, all by myself.

It’s weird, I am a hard-core introvert, really only coming out of my shell when I’m at home or with several family members, and here I am, moving across the country, to live solo (at least until I find a sane housemate, which is trickier than it sounds). Why the heck am I doing this?!!

Because something my family always jokes about happening and I never seriously thought could happen, happened. I now get to make cards for my full-time job.

Officially, I am a Concept Artist for Stampin’ Up!, but we all know that I’m really just a dorky young adult who really likes playing with paper and ink. 😉

Anywho, while this whole cross-country, new job thing is definitely the reason there’s been almost no activity on this end for a few weeks, I don’t plan on keeping it that way. I still plan on blogging here, because I still do enjoy playing with stamps and ink, not just those from Stampin’ Up!. However, my craft space is pretty much just a bunch of boxes right now – aw heck, who am I kidding, it’s a bunch of boxes and one RÅSKOG Utility cart.

The “plan” is (hahaha, have I ever mentioned how bad I am at planning?! No, okay, well, I am) to put together some semblance of a craft corner together when my big ol’ muscly brother comes into town in a few weeks. Yes, I can put Ikea furniture together myself, but why would I, when I have free labor at hand in a matter of weeks?! Plus that gives me that much more time to procrastinate.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some cards that I made a few months ago, so hopefully the blog won’t look as destitute as it does now.

So if you’ve read this entire post, congrats! I don’t have anything to award you with though, except the relief of knowing that you won’t have to read anything so personal from me for awhile. 😉

16 thoughts on “New Things!

  1. Clare, good luck settling in! Congrats on your new job, right up your alley — you are such a talented artist and designer! I hope you love it AND I hope your muscley brother can help you get all set up soon! (I have three brothers and would be doing the same thing you are…even though I could put together IKEA furniture, why bother when your brother can come do it?) I hope you enjoy your new place and your new job…no doubt you will meet people who will love you from the start! Keep us posted as you settle in!

    • Thank you Judy! My co-workers have also been very liberal in offering their husbands help for any furniture moves, and their own help for any other neccessities – I’m working with some really great and talented women. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re settling in and adjusting in a new place Clare nicely! Looking forward to seeing your next projects on the blog.

  3. Nouvelle sur ce blog, j’espère voir prochainement tes créations. Bon courage dans ta nouvelle vie. Je t’écris de France, j’habite à 1h30 de Bordeaux.

  4. Glad to hear you landed safely in your new nest! I don’t know how you feel about animals, but rescuing a dog from a shelter might make things interesting. Makes for great company when its too quiet and makes it easy for introverts to make friends at the park or on walks. Looking forward to seeing your concepts come to life at SU!

    • I love dogs! I’m thinking about getting one after my first year (the cost to have a pet at my current apartment is ridiculous!) and a shelter is a great idea! Thanks Barbara!

  5. That is awesome! I was a demonstrator years ago. (you are never too old to play with paper and ink lol). I hope your trip out was fun and you got to explore a little. I can’t wait to see what you design. Best wishes on finding the perfect roomie!

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