New ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Marker Colors + Swatch Cards


Guys! There’s new ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pen colors out! They’ve actually been out for awhile now, but I’m just getting to posting about them. 😉

It was amidst all the flurry of packing to move cross-country that I found out that new colors had been released. You might know that I don’t consider myself much of a “colorist/colorer”, but ZIG’s are my one exception to that.

New Colors

These are the new colors:

And what I was most excited about – the Blender pen!

New Swatch System

As soon as I got my greedy little hands on them, I knew I had to make a new swatch system with the new colors. I’ve blogged about my previous system (and storage) HERE.

I’m not really much of a swatching person. I don’t swatch inks because I hate cleaning them between stamping (I always seem to cross-contaminate a few – ALWAYS!) or cardstock, but my ZIG’s. Oh yes, I swatch these suckers.

I was really distracted (moving kind of does that) so I had to make several swatches before I finally got a system that I liked.

Emphasis on “I liked”, because colors really vary from person to person, screen to screen, and then I also took into account how I like to color with these. Here’s what I came up with…

The scans look washed out, but just to give you an idea. Here’s a photo of my laminated sheets/cards.

I had to fit a few more colors into each swatch card, based off my old swatch card, so there’s a couple blank spaces on my last card. I actually started by making five or six cards, so I wouldn’t have to fit as many on one card, but then I realized the whole point of four cards is so that each card helps me find where a particular color is in my little four section Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizer. So, a little squishier it became, but they still fit fine.

I also made one ol’ big card, in case I ever want to see all of them together.

Swatch Download

If you would like to create ink swatches like I share here, you can download these two blank card sheets (SWATCH CARDS 1 and SWATCH CARD 2) and/or the THIS entire marker sheet file. Just print it on your paper of choice (I used Strathamore Bristol) and color in!

Best Places to Buy

Here are some places to get the new markers, if you haven’t already:

  • MarkerPOP: This is where I bought my markers from, because they were the first place I saw to have them in stock, and they also have pretty good prices – usually around 15% off the regular price. I don’t know what World Cardmaking Day sale they might have going on today, so you might want to double check that.
  • Ellen Hutson: Ellen Hutson is sold out of the bundle and two of the colors, but while they have their World Cardmaking Day sale going on (only today, Oct. 6!), you can still get the others at at 20% discount, using the code WCMD18.

  • Amazon: Amazon includes the new markers in THIS set, but I think it’d be cheaper to buy the 80 market set and get the rest of the pens at MarkerPOP or Ellen Hutson. You might be able to get either set cheaper around Black Friday, or if you just keep an eye on it. I paid $88 when I bought the 80 set earlier this year.

FYI: be sure you’re buying the brush tip markers. I accidentally bought the new colors in the felt tip from JetPens, just because I wasn’t paying attention. Look in the product details, and if they don’t say, you can either guess by price – the brush tips are usually a little more expensive than the felt tips – or you can do what I did, and just call them directly.

Also, this list is (obviously) not exhaustive – there’s definitely other places to buy, but these are my favorite places and I’m way too lazy to add any more links to this post.

What Do You Think?

I’m pretty excited to try these guys out – aside from swatching and little blending here and there, I haven’t had the time or the craft desk yet to really play. If any of you have experimented more with them though, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I’m not sure if I left a comment previously but now I’m actually using your downloads and they are awesomely helpful!! Yay and thank you!!

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