Bad Timing

Argh!!! I finally made the promised projects (plus a bonus!) and I don’t have the camera! Talk about bad timing…anyways, I’ll tell you what the projects are. First, a box my sister and I repainted a box to put all the stationary that we made for our brothers girlfriend, and

What’s Up!

Okay, so I lied – I didn’t have two cards for you, but I was in a rush yesterday, getting some AWESOME papercrafting supplies and some stamps for my partner on Scrappers Delight, so…yeah, that’s pretty much my lame excuse. lol 🙂 But, I did make two containers that aren’t

And the winner of the giveaway is….

Sorry I’m late – I was feeling kinda sick, and wanted to treat myself to a few bagels. lolAnyways, the winner of the stitchmarkers is…..superwoman4002!I will contact you on ravelry for your address, and, congratulations! 🙂 Thanks so all for participating!


Woo! So much stuff packed into one day! Lemme explain myself – I’ve found about four more sketch sites that I have yet to try my hand at, and then, a friend on Flikr invited me to join a scrapbooking/papercrafting/cardmaking/stamping website that looks pretty awesome so far. I mean, I’ve

New Sketch Sites

Yeah! I found some new sketch sites, the linky’s I’ve added to the side of my blog. I hope you enjoy them, and meanwhile, I’m going to go put them to use! 🙂