Faux Stained Glass with ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pens

Hey there! Today I have a faux stained glass technique with ZIG Clean Color Real Brushes. Well, at least I think it kind of looks like stained glass. It may just look like poorly placed blobs of dried water on pigment to the trained watercolorists eye. I started out this

Flower Shop

Hello! I’m popping in today with a just for fun card I made using the January My Monthly Hero kit. I usually don’t post about products that are sold out (because I know how frustrating it is for people who can’t get it), buuuuuut, I designed the concept for the

New ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Marker Colors + Swatch Cards

Guys! There’s new ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pen colors out! They’ve actually been out for awhile now, but I’m just getting to posting about them. 😉 It was amidst all the flurry of packing to move cross-country that I found out that new colors had been released. You might